While we follow the course of Alberta's Relaunch Strategy, we also keep vigilant for any possible cases. More services and activities may be introduced while other services started in Stage 1 with restrictions may see a return to normal.

Below are examples of activities and actions that may take place at this stage of the relaunch. They are not limited to the listed activities and will be updated as more information is given.  


Meeting CMOH Orders & AHS Protocols

  • Maintain cleaning procedures and protocols
  • Screening procedures remain in place

Resident Life & Wellbeing

  • Ongoing communication and education with residents and their families
  • Open access doors for residents with monitoring
  • Regular meal service in dining areas

Visitation & Family Expectations

  • Safe Visitation protocols in place

Staff Support

  • Holidays and vacations approved as per schedules and needs
  • Reintroduction of strategic initiatives (e.g., master rotation implementations)