Established in 1995 under a Ministerial Order, Seniors Homes & Community Housing (now Wetaskiwin & Area Lodge Authority [WALA]) assumed management of all lodge and community housing operations in its area.

The Bethany Group later took over management and operations of the lodges while reporting to the board.

WALA operates Peace Hills Lodge in Wetaskiwin and West Pine Lodge in Winfield.

Business Plan, Financial Statements & Annual Reports

Meeting Agendas & Minutes 

Date Type Agenda Approved Minutes
February 3, 2021 Board Meeting (Zoom meeting) February Agenda  
March 31, 2021 Board Meeting     
May 12, 2021 Board Meeting    
June 16, 2021 Board Meeting    
October 6, 2021 Board Meeting    
December 1, 2021 Board Meeting    


Date Type Agenda Approved Minutes
April 1, 2020 Cancelled (COVID-19)    
April 15, 2020 Board Meeting (Teleconference) April Agenda April Minutes
May 13, 2020 Board Meeting (Teleconference) May Agenda May Minutes
June 29, 2020 Board Meeting June Agenda June Minutes
October 7, 2020 Board Meeting  October Agenda October Minutes
December 2, 2020 Board Meeting December Agenda